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it’s how you come off Jill.  you know better’n everyone else.  people are living in those gaps you’re fixing to fill, people are screaming up from those gasps trying to be heard and all you do is talk over them.

no womanist or feminist cares what men think.

we don’t want insight from them.

goes to show don’t it, that you more interested in what men saying than what coloured women are screaming about.

your agenda whatever it is is your own.  i just hate to think of some poor brown kid stumblin over your blog while lookin for answers and gettng the message from you that they aint nothing.

shame on you.




Here we go again. 

 Jill is called out on her privilege, Jill makes a snarky post telling people to lighten up and all her little cheerleaders come out to play and pat her on the ass.

 This place for white moneyed urbanites with working bodies and minds with their cisstraight privilege, to talk ABOUT the minorities. It's not about 'filling the gaps' so much as it is about wallpapering over them so that the mean icky minorities are covered up, so y'all can talk ABOUT them in peace. Should someone wander in accidentally you talk over them and dismiss their lived experiences, you say HUSH NOW! THIN PRETTY WHITE LADIES ARE TALKING! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE!

Chally did her level best to combat the prevailing view that this blog and indeed the whole internet is for white, het cis moneyed Americans. Jill makes posts or comments mocking or erasing gay people, WOC trans people asexuals people with mental and physical handicaps, people who aren't american or from urban america, she has a real hate-on for poor people too not to mention fatties. so chally would be moderating away, telling people to not be ablist or heterosexist or classist while Miss Jill was throwing her privilege around like confetti.

I didn't get the email
I didn't know about it
I didn't think of it like that
Lighten up
It was sposed to be fun
Don't be mean
Look at what this man has to tell you all about your bodies and choices look at what this privileged person has to say about gross fatties eatin donuts look at the middle class person talkin about poverty LOOK LOOK SHUT UP WE'RE TALKIN ABOUT YA, NOT TO YA.
This is my blog mine. I'll write what I wanna. Hats are pretty.

Meanwhile jilly's cheerleaders ignore guest posts from WOC or PWD and only ever comment on posts about gay or trans issues to say what great allies they are and how this one time their awesome gay friend did something and.............

Don't 'call out' white able cisstraight fem'nists cause them'll cryyy, it'll make their playground toxic, it hurts them when real live actual minorities tell them we don't need no allies, we don't need phony slacktivist bullshit. don't upset the ladies, theys trying their best, they can't help being privileged after all, they didn't mean to be racist or heterosexist or ablist or classist or transphobic or nuthin. we just need to understand them better to wipe up their tears to not use no high toned arguments that hurt their precious privileged feelings.


Hello world!

Lemme tell ya, it’s hard being me.  I live in NYC and have to cope with poor people ditching their share of he bill.  If I wanna eat lobster imma eat lobster, even if you did have the $6 salad.

I have to deal with uppity types telling me that if I only like boys or if i’m white or if i’m not handicapped that i can’t know what it’s like to be black or a gay or a crip.  I know what its like!! I’ve seen queer as folk and roots and my left foot.

stupid minorities.  i’m a femnist i know stuff.  one time i dropped a dollar down a drain, i know poverty.  dont tell me what i know and what i dont know!  plus i hurt myself  playin sports once i know how handicappeds feel okay?

just because i have white skin and money and a job and my health doesn’t mean you get to pick on me.  i am very important i have feelings.

white womens tears are the most important kind bitches.


pps – dun be mean, my thoughts on stuff and about like.. paperin over the gaps to keep the icky minorities cuvvahd ovah.